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Glass Decor 700

A translucent, high-performance indoor and outdoor film, ideal for producing decoration of windows and glass decor for an etched, frosted or sandblasted effect.

- 2 matt finishes: frosted and dusted
- 5 matt colours: offshore blue, Refleshing mint, Sparkling yellow, Romantic Rose and Luxurious Gold.


In order to allow you to find the best MACtac colour in comparison of any colour you can find on the market, here is the colour definition of each of our standard colours.

Glass Decor 798-01 BFSimulated Etched Glass Film (frosted) - 5 yearsFrostedMattClear5 years
Glass Decor 798-01Simulated Etched Glass Films (frosted) - 5 yearsFrostedMattClear5 years
Glass Decor 798-02Simulated Etched Glass Films (dusted) - 5 yearsDustedMattClear5 years
Glass Decor 700Simulated Etched Glass Films (colored) - 5 years5 matt coloursMattClear5 years