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Hello Nathalie, you were asked to be part of the jury for the Mactac Creative Awards, the prizes for which were given out last March during the FESPA Digital in Amsterdam. Could you tell our readers about yourself?

Hello, I've been a graphic artist and an Artistic Director for more than 20 years. I live and work in France, about 30 km from Paris. After many years of experience in communications agencies and design studios, I decided to go freelance.

I therefore set up on my own in 2011, and through my experience I'm able to satisfy my clients' graphic design needs, mainly for print media but also for website and digital media.

I've worked for Mactac France since 2012 and for Mactac Europe since 2013. Alongside my work as a graphic artist, I am also a photographer, ceramist and sculptress. Art occupies a big place in my life.

As an accomplished graphic artist, you have considerable experience in graphical communication. What do you think are the essential skills needed to stay at the top of your profession?


The main quality is the ability to listen and to analyse the needs of clients and the message they want to convey.

Then it is your artistic sense, your creativity and a broad general culture which allows you to summarise the message visually, aesthetically and with maximum impact.

You also have to be very adaptable to cater for all the situations and all the various fields of communication, whether it's the client's business or the medium of communication.

And then to stay at the top, you have to be curious and open to change in the artistic, technological and cultural world - be inspired by fashion while keeping a critical mind.

Finally, in order to be a freelancer, you have to be organised, meticulous and able to handle a large dose of stress ;-)

Could you tell us about one of the more ambitious / interesting projects that you've worked on?

In 2010 when I was thinking of going freelance, I participated in the European Design Competition for designing the medal for the European Court of Auditors.

I won the 1st prize in the competition and the medal was minted by the Monnaie de Paris. This medal is presented to official visitors to the European Court of Auditors.

As a member of the jury for the Mactac Creative Awards and an expert in the graphic arts, what do you think were the most important criteria in the evaluation of the works?

For me, the most important criteria are visual appearance, graphic design and, above all, the originality of the creations. I really like designs with high impact which grab your attention by their originality or their unexpected or offbeat side.

Certain creations are difficult to appreciate in a photograph and I regret not having been able to see them in place. You sometimes have to look very closely to appreciate the work that's gone in or the way materials have been used. For example, I'm thinking of the interior decoration project for Elisava, which is a very fine example of trompe l'oeil and perspective. It took me several moments to realise that there was no glass there!


Lastly, what do you take away from this experience? Do you think that graphic design has a bright future ahead of it?


Of course, graphic design has a bright future because it's infinite. Sometimes you think that everything's already been done, but in fact everything is also still to be invented. Creation has no limits!

Whatever the medium, the material or the final use, there's always something to create. And unless there's evidence to the contrary, machines will not be able to replace the human imagination anytime soon...
It always gives me much pleasure to go to the Mactac Creative Awards website and see the new creations presented and all the possibilities that Mactac products offer. It's very enriching.

Nathalie Landot : http://nath.creationgraphic.free.fr/