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Behold! Mactac gives you, converters and graphic designers, a brand new immersive overview on all possibilities offered by our material. Nearly 100 pages of inspiration, tips and application guides to help you choose the right material for your creations.


In order to help you find quickly and judiciously the product you are looking for, we have for your use a summary organized by application surfaces (flat, curved, floors, windows...) guides you to the most suitable adhesive solution for your need. The pulldown menu allows you to have a direct access to the product pages.



If, despite everything, you don't find your way easily: use the powerful predictive search engine. Start typing a product reference, it will automatically suggest you only the relevant results.





While you're reading, you can add an interactive bookmark at any time to quickly find the marked content at the moment when you reopen the catalog. Just pass near the upper right-hand corner with your mouse to add or remove a bookmark.




Click on the bookmark icon on the main menu to access all your existing bookmarks. They also allow you to send by e-mail the pages you want to your clients or prospects.


For ease of reading, all the tables are zoomable by clicking on the area. In addition, you can zoom or dezoom the entire page easily by scrolling with the mouse whell.


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Whether a cutting film, a printable media, a laminate or a mounting accessory: find the Mactac reference you are looking for in a snap!

Stay tuned: the Italian / German and Spanish versions of our new catalog will be available in the coming weeks.