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Mactac Products complement and enhance your talent. With a huge range of innovative and high quality self-adhesive films, Mactac has become the reference material in the field of graphics, visual commnication, indoor and outdoor decoration , product identification, POS, car wrapping and boat wrapping. Mactac products open new ways to your creativity!
Label Printing
With more than 50 years of experience , Mactac has become the world leader in self-adhesive label printing products. The largest companies all over the world rely on Mactac's knowledge and quality for product labelling in pharmaceutics, cosmetics, beverages, tyres and industrial products. Mactac label printing products are designed and developped to bring a real added-value to your products.
Mactac offers a large range of single and double-sided self-adhesive, filmic and foam tapes that are widely regarded as highly reliable. Mactac technical products have been developed commonly to ease various processes, in several kinds of industries, including automotive, aeronautics, building, optical..., where they are used in fixing, mounting, assembling, insulating, reinforcing, and protection functions.

who are we?
Mactac is a global company that has always been driven by innovation, discovering future customer needs and developing new products. Mactac offers a wide array of products used in various fields including graphic and decoration, the self adhesive label industry, and fixing and mounting solutions in several industries. On top of a high level of in-house manufacturing and R&D excellence, Mactac has been working on developing a strong partnership with its customers and a solid sustainable development policy.